Friday, June 27, 2008

A Lady's Heart -- Introduction

I am going to begin a series on what character traits it is important for a biblical lady to have. Old-fashioned, biblical femininity is a passion of mine. It is something I like to pursue…so I thought I'd write about it! I don't know exactly where to begin, (that has always been a problem for me) and I don't know exactly what order to go in. I'm kind of a random "just winging it" kind of person, so we'll see how it goes.

Some of the things I'd like to write about include: modesty, truthfulness, purity, gentleness, respectfulness, and cheerfulness. I want to put a scripture or two (or three or four) to each one, and I want to also outline a lady's responsibility in each area.

Does this sound overwhelming to anyone else? I suppose not since none of you will be writing any of it. I'll do my best to post at least semi-regularly, (translation: once a week) but I make no guarantees. I hope my writing will encourage you either to pursue Godly femininity or to continue in it.

Miss S.

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  1. Hello Miss S. ~ Thank you for your comments! You have a lovely blog here, and I think your title is so cute. :-) I look forward to reading the posts in your upcoming series!



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