Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Lady's Heart--Respect & Honor - Part Two

The second form of respect I want to talk about is respect for children. Though the bible speaks of kindness and consideration toward children, it doesn't directly command us to "respect" or "honor" them (as it does with authority and the aged). However, it is clear that children are not to be looked down upon. The Messiah Himself said, "Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." (Matthew 19:14)

Since the hearts, minds, and lives of children are so important, should we not do all we can to honor that importance? The amount of respect a child receives plays a significant role in how they view themselves when they become adults. For example, if a child, when talking about something they consider interesting, hears only a disinterested and sarcastic, "That's nice," it is obvious to them that what they are saying is dull to the person to whom they are talking. If this happens to them repeatedly, they will begin to think that all their interests are dull, and consequently that they themselves are dull. This way of thinking may continue into their adulthood. It could lead them to assume they have nothing important to add to conversation, or that they have nothing interesting to say to anyone. After all, if they think themselves dull, they wouldn't want to make anyone else's life dull by their company. Simple things we do can make a big difference in how a child views his or her self.

It is important to show respect and honor to elders, but children also need respect. The kind of respect we ought to give a child is the kind of respect we would have liked to have had as children. The aged need respect because of the wisdom they've gained and the experiences they've had. The children need respect because they have great potential to become wise, and to experience great things. With our encouragement and support, the children in our lives have a much greater possibility of reaching their potential.

Children are no less important than grown men and women. The only thing that sets them apart from adults is growth (physically and mentally) and age. The golden rule applies not only to those equal in age, but also to those younger and older.

Other scriptures to read and consider would be Luke 6:31, Proverbs 22:6, Proverbs 14:26, and Galatians 5:14

Stay tuned for the upcoming article on honesty.

Miss S.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home Again

You don't realize what a blessing a warm and clean home is until you spend a week without it. Camping was absolutely wonderful. I had a great time with my friends and family. We sat on the beach, climbed trees, and watched the sunset every night. The weather was wonderful. However, I wouldn't have complained if it was a little warmer. Every day was sunny and about sixty degrees (more or less). The scenery was lovely and the trails were gratifying. But despite the beauty of the seaside, I am very thankful to be home.

Miss S.

Friday, July 4, 2008


I will be leaving on Sunday July 6th for a weeklong camping trip. During which time I will not be able to access the internet and therefore I will not be able to moderate comments or post anything new. Do not be alarmed if this blog is dormant for a while…I'll be back soon!

Miss S.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Lady's Heart--Respect & Honor - Part One

In 1 Peter 2:18 it says:

"Servants, be submissive to your masters with all respect, not only to those who are good and gentle, but also to those who are unreasonable."

Respect is not always simply 'being nice', sometimes (many times, actually) in order to show respect, you must do what you are told to do, even if it is 'unreasonable'. I'll give an example. Let's say Alice is walking on the beach. She is thinking of how soft and warm the sand is when it squishes between her toes. After a while, Alice's sister comes up to her and says, "Alice, you need to put shoes on." This may seem ridiculous. After all, the sand is so soft and warm and clear. Alice asks a simple question, "Why?" Her sister replies, "Because mom said so." Alice should need no other command. Even though wearing shoes may seem ridiculous to her, her mother may have good reasons why she should. Though the command may appear unreasonable, it is a command and it should be followed.

So it is with nearly all authority. Not only with our parents or our political leaders, but with all those whose experiences have taught them what is better and what is worse. I'm not saying that everyone who is older is right, but when someone gives advice it should be carefully considered, and when someone gives a command, if it isn't contrary to the laws that God has placed on us, it should be followed.

In Proverbs 16:31 it says:

"A gray head is a crown of glory; it is found in the way of righteousness."

As I said above, those who have gone before us have gained a knowledge that nothing but experience can help them gain*. They've gone through much more than we have. They've had more sorrows and more joys. They can give better advice, because they've seen how things have turned out before. Their life and the information they've obtained in their life deserves recognition and respect.

Other scriptures to read and consider would be Exodus 20:12, Leviticus 19:32, Proverbs 4:1, 23:22, Ephesians 6:1, Titus 3:1, and 1 Timothy 5:1.

To be continued...

Miss S.

*Please note that I am speaking in generalities here. I'm not referring to all the "gray haired" people in the world. I'm speaking mainly of those more elderly people who have lived a full life and who have a love for God. Their advice is indispensible.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Over the past few days we've been having lightning storms. Also, over the past few days I've discovered that I am fascinated with lightning! I sat staring out the window for a long time (well, it seemed like a long time) intent upon the streaks of electricity shooting down from the sky. Wow! God's overwhelming power is so visible in a storm.

Miss S.